Profit Driven Digital Marketing Strategies

Driving traffic to your website and landing pages is great, but you need to convert those visitors into customers.And we understand it may be difficult to accomplish. Thankfully, there are plenty of proven tips and Digital Marketing Strategies designed to increase conversions and boost your ROI. This article will outline 7 Profit Driven Digital Marketing Strategies to Get More Conversions.

•Use A/B Split Testing

In conversion optimization it’s all about testing, testing and testing.A/B split testing is a technique for increasing your website’s conversion rate.You can test everything from your site layout to navigation and headlines to colors and images.You will have to create two alternative versions of your page (page A and page B).A/B testing software directs 50% of the incoming traffic to page A and 50% to page B.In the end you count how many people took the action and the page with more conversions wins.The insights you gain from split testing will dictate how your marketing strategy proceeds.

•Get Your Visitors Excited

Use emotionally-charged language and amazing content to get your visitors excited to try your product.Tell your potential customers exactly how your product will help them or solve their problem.


The most important thing is how well you present your products.Use high quality images, engaging content, and amazing storytelling to your descriptions.List all the benefits and features of your product.

•Optimize Product Reviews

There’s no doubt that reviews are extremely influential in helping people make purchase decisions.However, simply posting product reviews as it is will guarantee your credibility enough to influence people to convert. Reviews should be realistic and eliminate doubts or objections others may have about the product.You can also add rating system to put more air of authority and credibility to your reviews, in the same manner Amazon makes use of in their product reviews.

•Recommend Related Products

Product recommendations are a must-have feature for all e-commerce websites to get more Conversions.Sometimes Visitors are simply browsing your site or comparing products between different e-shops or they might be looking for a specific feature in mind.You should recommend related products to keep visitors engaged on your site.

•Make it Easy to Buy from You

Your users should not try to figure out where to click and how to buy from you. You have to make it so easy and intuitive for them.Buying product should have as few clicks as possible.Some sites require their visitors to register first in order to make a purchase.Make sure to offer a one-time, “express” checkout to minimize potential roadblocks.

•Utilize Social Media

Social media is one of your best ways for increasing conversions.You have no idea how social media can influence your visitor’s purchase decision.People believe what they social media friends recommend about your brand or products.If you can get followers on Facebook and Twitter, you can slowly nudge them from awareness to action. Furthermore, implementing social login features on your website can increase signups. Studies suggest that 86 percent of visitors won’t sign up for an account if it requires them to go through a new registration process while 77% are comfortable with social login options. Also, you can add social proof on your site and let these social proofs prod your visitors to convert into leads.

Word of advice: In the end, the key to a highly converting website is to test, test and test. What works for one audience or niche may not work for another. Try to figure out what works best for your website but do not lie to your customers, ever!