We are proud to introduce ourselves as a growing Gyan Digital Marketing Consultant who works as a single soul entity with our clients and employees.

What do we do?

We are a digital marketing consultancy serving local and global clients by providing targeted, measurable and interactive digital services.

Mission statement

To be an online digital marketing spearhead; Penetrate new frontiers of digital marketing capabilities; Win new customers;

Create value for customers

Our values | Dependable | Reliable | Loyal | Committed | Open-minded | Consistent | Honest | Efficient | Innovative | Creative | Motivated | Positive | Optimistic | Respectful.

What makes us different from other Consultancy?

1.Reciprocity – we engage our customers by favorably responding to their unique and uncommon Digital Marketing demands.We strive through our customer engagement protocols for creating, sustaining, and regulating the collaborative behavior required for self-sustaining businesses.

2.Commitment and Consistency We treat our commitments as an oath of honor and deadlines as sacred.We do not contradict our commitments.

3.Social Proof we consciously assume actions and behavior to reflect our commitment to our client’s task and his deadlines.

4.Authority we exercise our complete power of knowledge to strengthen our clients brand and enhance his reputation.

5.Steadfastness and integrity we never give up on a client commitment irrespective of its complexity and never trade off a client’s good will to obtain more benefits.

As a Gyan Digital Marketing Consultant service provider, Gyandmc assists a client in branding and promotion of his products.We commission a range of digital services spanning Digital marketing, Content marketing services, social media services, SEO, PPC, web design and development services, E-mail marketing services, App development services, Web hosting services to accomplish his goals and objectives.

Our proficient Consultancy’s employees address four elements of success to guarantee a triumphant digital marketing strategy for our clients.

1.Research – We analyze the effectiveness status of our client’s previous and current digital marketing campaigns, followed by a study of customer behavior and exploratory insights over the product category.

2.Ideation – After compiling the information based on research and analysis, we map, out a fresh digital marketing campaign for our client to reach out to a wider audience.

3.Strategy– We prioritise the focus of the digital campaign between its various constituents like content marketing, conversion rate optimization, social media engagement, targeting, and personalization, content optimization.

4.Design and Development – We aid our clients by designing and developing company’s official websites, Mobile applications, Social media operations and graphics in a very innovative and user-friendly way too.

Through segmentation, we will target specific customers in B2C and B2B space. Through Influencer marketing we endeavor to reach as many influencers as possible. Through online behavioral Digital Marketing, we will aggregate a user’s online activity over time to deliver Digital marketing services tailored to that user’s interests and preferences.We facilitate collaborative environment between the organization, the technology service provider, and the digital Consultancy to optimize effort, resource sharing, reusability and communications.